Our Pastor

Mt Zion

Baptist Church

Pastor Rheubin McGhee Taylor has served as Pastor of Mt. Zion (MTZ) Baptist church for over twenty years. The humble Shepherd has obtained numerous degrees and other accolades throughout his life walk, but none of them exceed his call as a "born again" Minister of the gospel of Jesus Christ. Pastor Taylor has a passion for teaching and for people. He is a man that teaches each day of his life and through his teaching has touched many lives and brought many to Christ.

He is a man of God that can and will preach God’s Word. He teaches the word in such a comprehensible and powerful way that even the youngest child can understand. He is truly a man after God’s own heart. He has dedicated his life to serving the Lord, mind, body and soul. This is demonstrated through his endless service at MTZ, in the community and abroad.

Sharing the love of Jesus through the ministry in which God has called him is an assignment in which he takes extreme pride. Pastor Taylor is a Bible scholar and teacher. He diligently shares his knowledge with his members and encourages them to study the word for themselves as well. He continues to study at the “Christian University” where the University President is our big brother Jesus the Christ; he received his “Born Again” degree and continues to work on his “Eternal Life” degree each and every day.

He is employed as Attorney for the Hamilton County government in Chattanooga, TN.

He is also the proud father of three; Keturah (Corey) McIver, Rheubin M. Taylor the II, and Lloyd Taylor. He has been blessed with three handsome grandsons, Rheubin M. Taylor III, Keifer McIver and Cayden McIver.

He is married to the anointed and talented Lady Joyce R. Taylor. He and First Lady Taylor are spiritual soldiers for the Lord who take pride in serving the Lord with their whole heart.